《EARTH CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTs Co.,Ltd》 Department of Overseas Project

EARTH CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTs Co.,Ltd is established in 1986. We have been managing construction consultants in Miyazaki, Japan for more than 30years.

We entered natural renewable energy business in 2013 and acquired the permission of the specific construction industry.
We started new project called “OVERSEAS SKILLED WORKERS TRAINING PROJECT” in 2015. We concluded agreement of cooperation in training with Ho Chi Minh City College of Construction No.2 in Vietnam on June 29 2015, and the new course “Japan Construction Technology (JCT) course” has started on October 16 2015.

Our six main businesses
・Department of Survey Planning and Design
・Department of Clean Energy
・Department of Soil property and Geological Survey
・Department of Compensation Consultant
・Department of Construction Industry
・Department of Overseas Project


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